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  We undertake Sales for the following Products
We are dealers for the Wendt (India) Ltd. Products
   Diamond Wheels
Grinding Wheels
Cut Off Wheel
Mounted Points
Honing Stones
Oil Stones
Finished Sticks

We are also dealers for the Wendt (India) Ltd. Products
The Ecoline Series
   Resin Bond Diamond Wheels
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   Poly Crystal Diamond and Cubic Boran Nitrate (PCD & CBN) Cutting Tools

   Carbide Cutting Tools
Re-claim of carbide cutting tools of Carbide cutters, Work rest blades, Tips and Inserts
Gun drills
Boring bars
Tool holders
Cone rings and Margon Rolls
Dies and Fixtures

We also deal these below mention item from various reputed manufacturer
   Coated Abrasives
Emery Paper Sheet
Emery Cloth Sheet
Waterproof Paper
Polishing Paper
Emery Belt
Sandling paper
Flap Wheels

We deal these below mention Chemicals from various reputed manufacturer
Diethelene glycol
Mono ethylene glycol
Cobalt Powder
Cobalt oxide