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A Cost effective semi synthetic cutting fluid concentrate
  Description :    
  A viscous fluid, which gives a micro emulsion on dilution with Water. It can be supplied in pink, green or yellow colours for identification
  1. As a cutting fluid for metal cutting operations like turning, sawing, facing, boring, milling, drilling etc in 1:25 dilution ratio.
  2. As a grinding fluid for all general grinding operations like cylindrical, centreless, double disc, surface etc., in 1:30 dilution.
  3. As a Coolant for CNC machining, grinding centers in 1:25 dilution ratio.
Advantages & Benefits:
  • Excellent rust control
  • Excellent compatibility with hard water
  • Very cost effective compared to emulsion type coolants
  • Absolutely non-toxic, hence operator friendly
  • Colouring agents used are 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Prolonged tank life
Physical Data:
  1. Specific Gravity 1.190
  2. Viscosity (Ford cup No.3) 21 sec.
  3. Herbert Test for C.I. (96 Hrs)
  4. PH value (1:30) >9.0
  5. Refractive Index 17.0
  6. Passes in 1: 40 dilution
  • Shelf Life: 12 months – from the date of manufacturing. Store at room temperature.
  • Handing: It is very safe for handling as it is non-toxic. If in prolonged contact with skin, wash with normal water.
  •  Fire hazard: NIL (Does not constitute any fire hazard)