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  The Reclaim Technology of Cutting Tools
Our Range of cutting tools includes
      • DRILLS Carbide tipped/Lugged/Solid/Solid Coolant through/Tipped Coolant through Indexable.    
      • REAMERS Tipped/lugged helical/ straight fluted RH/straight fluted LH/helix.    
     • ENDMILLS &
SOLID carbide Minimum of 1.5 mm diameter.
Tipped with helical tips.
     • TOOL HOLDERS Twin tool holders. Boring bars, Non vibrating Boring bars.    
                               We also offer consultancy and technical support to aid you in    
  • Manufacture and supply carbide tools to meet your specific requirement
  • Re sharpening of cutting tools
  • Reclaim of existing scrap cutting tools
  • Technical support to decrease the running costs on your process.